Studio Director

In the last 4 years, Nate has run a well established and successful movie/pop culture youtube channel, MR H REVIEWS. In early 2020, Nate was able to expand upon that amazing venture by creating his own film production company, Production H Film.

Nate, being so confident that the industry needs a revival in original and unapologetic filmmaking, has worked tirelessly to complete his first two film projects, the horror/fantasy 'Black Fields' and the psychological/horror 'Breaking Lights'. Even with the ongoing pandemic/lockdowns, Nate will be releasing these two films to hungry audiences in early 2021.   



Production Manager

David started off his working experience at Pinewood Studios and had quickly learned that its not just enough to be passionate about films to understand how they are made, but it is also about the commitment of time and hard work to bring them to life.

David has been there from the very start to support the vital development of the company and its adventurous projects. With every film completed it only strenghtens his resolve that this business has an amazing future.



Lead Runner

A production has no way of happening without strong runners. Period. They connect the logistics, communication and daily requirements of a film set every single shooting day.

Duncan, a passionate author in his own right, clearly demonstrated the vitalness of this role during principle photography of Black Fields. Production H Films, counts on him for his infectious enthusasim, professionalism and endless energy.




Our insanely talented videographer, Alex, has the paramount role of bringing our audiences 'the story' in each of our film's creation. 

Everyone who supports and donates to our films will have the oppurtunity to see an expertly shot and carefully crafted documentary of the how, the who, and the why of its creation. 

This invalueable element of our business gives back to the audience, our investors, and truly helps shape our approach to filmmaking.