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sukanto Kuri
Jul 07, 2022
In TV& Film Forum
It contains a variety of knowledge points and has strong practical ability. According to the survey, the teaching of graphic design major in secondary vocational schools in my country mainly has the following problems: (1) The teaching method is single. Influenced by traditional education, many secondary vocational classes in our country still adopt the old teaching method in graphic design majors. The teacher demonstrates in class how to draw and how to make it, and students gather to observe and then practice. Although this teaching method is simple, its teaching effect is not obvious, and it is not necessary to fully consider the needs of each student, which seriously affects the enthusiasm of students. (2) Strong theoretical knowledge ignores practice. Image Manipulation Service In traditional teaching, when teachers teach graphic design courses, the method often used is to teach classroom theory. In the whole class, teachers spend a lot of time just emphasizing theoretical courses without giving enough Time allows students to practice operations, students can only passively accept knowledge, subjectivity can not be brought into play, and lack of practical operation ability. (3) The teaching content is not comprehensive. Graphic design courses contain a variety of knowledge. Teachers should let students fully understand each knowledge point. However, in the teaching of graphic professional courses in many secondary vocational classrooms, we find that teachers pay more attention to the teaching of sketching, plane composition, etc. However, the use of color and the teaching of Photoshop account for a small proportion of the graphic design courses. 3. Strategies for the application of micro-classroom in secondary vocational graphic design courses (1) Do a good job of micro-lecture instruction video Tutorial video is the core part of micro-course. Doing well in micro-course tutorial video can let students know the key points and progress of the whole lesson at a glance, so that students can understand the general content of the article before the text starts, to a large extent Improve the teaching efficiency of graphic design courses.
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