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sanzida aktar
Jul 13, 2022
In TV& Film Forum
Deer Valley Recently, the DPP has been in an eventful time. It has damaged a spokesperson and a series of public relations crises. Even the former spokesperson who returned to civilian status has been magnified and inspected at the police station. The sub-director even had to come out to hold a press conference to clarify. No privileges. Supporters can't help but wonder what happened to the DPP. Although other opposition parties have not yet become popular, the DPP has been photographed when the editor of the Executive Yuan made a "propaganda picture card" during a meeting of the Legislative Yuan. After Facebook, many of the DPP's flanking fans seem to have been quiet a lot. At the same time, issues such as pigs and the entry of Chinese photo background removing people seem to have been thrown into a no-man's land by the opposition party, despite the continuous spread of Internet rumors, and the entry of Chinese people requires a negative certificate Controversies that may be unconstitutional, even progressives are unceremoniously criticized. As a chart card for policy communication, the Epidemic Command Center wrote that there is no "constitutional doubt", which more formally ignited the anger of public law scholars and experts. That was not the case with the DPP earlier this year. After the election lesson of 1124, there is a sense of hard work. In the past, the DPP did not have much problem with its response to the issues, let alone the old-fashioned Kuomintang, which integrated all conservative values. Political parties (better than the trendiest Ke Wenzhe at the time), progress, tolerance and quick response to public opinion are all reasons why supporters like the DPP. Once upon a time, the current DPP has become extremely conservative. The Laizhu controversy could not see Tsai Ing-wen personally on the line to defend the policy, leaving the impression of "don't buy it if you don't like it". The spokesperson's public relations crisis was also due to several consecutive operational mistakes, and the bleeding did not stop until he resigned. Recently, there is a potential corruption crisis. The
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